Keep your skin looking its best while in the sun with our holiday skincare tips


The sudden changes in temperature, diet and routine that usually come with any holiday can be a nightmare for problem skin. But with careful handling and attention to a diligent skincare routine, follow our holiday skincare tips to keep your skin looking great. 


Follow our holiday skincare tips to make sure you have glowing skin while on holiday


1. Select the right sun cream for your skin type


Sunburn is the number one nightmare for any kind of skin problem, especially for people who suffer from rosacea, eczema or acne. So, you must wear a sun cream at all times when out in the sun. However, some sun creams can cause a whole host of issues for your skin, so it’s crucial to get the right sun cream that works for your skin type. 


By far the best SPF for sensitive skin are physical mineral sunblocks. These are actual physical barriers rather than filters and remain stable when exposed to sun, making skin reactions far less likely. The two most common mineral SPF are zinc oxide or titanium oxide. There are many benefits of zinc oxide, one of those being zinc is a natural anti inflammatory. Zinc can help calm down redness and spots as well as protection against the sun. 


Skin Shop’s Kalme Day Defence SPF25 contains pure micronized zinc oxide, plus a whole basket of ingredients in it to help control the symptoms of rosacea. Although you may not think that SPF25 is that high, when it’s a physical barrier mineral block as opposed to a chemical filter it actually ends up comparable to a much higher factor. ​

This product is designed for use on very sensitive skin and skin that’s prone to rosacea, the mineral block means that you should not react to it. Kalme Day Defence can also be used on acne prone skin as it should not cause any reactions, and the zinc oxide can actually help reduce inflammation and spots. It’s also non-greasy. 


2. Use a gentle cleanser


Remembering to cleanse is a super important holiday skincare tip, it’s crucial to remove sweat and sun cream. Do not be tempted to use cleansers or washes provided free by hotels. These are typically cheap and full of chemicals and if your skin is sensitive, it’s very likely to react to these. You also want to avoid cleansers that are too drying as the skin will already be more sensitive and dry if you suffer from rosacea or eczema due to the hotter climate. Cleansing with water should also be avoided as much as possible as the sudden temperature change from hot skin with cold water can trigger rosacea flares ups. In addition, the chlorine in most foreign water can be aggravating and drying to sensitive or dry skins.


Kalme Cream Cleanser is a water-free cleanser that contains no perfumes or chemicals and has moisturising ingredients that remain on the skin. It removes all makeup, sun cream and accumulated dirt and sweat on the skin's surface. The ingredients in this cleanser  help calm down flushed or inflamed skin. Try to  avoid makeup removers (they contain harsh detergents that can trigger rosacea and acne flare ups) and use the Kalme Cream Cleanser instead. 


3. Remember to exfoliate


For very sensitive skin or skin that’s prone to rosacea or eczema, you have to be careful with exfoliation. It is still important while on holiday to do gentle exfoliation at least every 2-3 days to remove the extra sweat and sun cream from the pores. For acne prone skin, exfoliation while on holiday should ideally be done once a day and in the evening before cleansing.  


We recommend using Skin Shop’s Clarol Silver and Birch Exfoliating Wash. This exfoliating wash is suitable for sensitive skin and contains no perfumes or detergents. 


4. Replenish your good skin flora


Holiday skin can be exposed to all sorts of foreign bacteria, as well as have it’s own good skin bacteria reduced from chlorine from pools, additional cleansing and sun creams. So maintaining or increasing good skin bacteria on holiday can help keep flare ups and breaks outs at bay. It can also help prevent eczema flare ups if bacteria gets into broken or cracked skin.


By ​applying Skin Shop’s Clarol Silver Serum immediately after cleansing and/or exfoliating and under any sun creams or cosmetics will ensure that your good skin bacteria is maintained, while keeping  bad skin bacteria to a minimum. It contains a silver ingredient that helps replenish good skin bacteria. 


5. Remember to drink water!



You just need to drink more water while on holiday, it’s as simple as that. Increased water intake in hotter weather helps all problem skin issues. A litre drunk over the course of a day is a rough guide to how much you need as a minimum. And even if you aren’t on holiday, drinking water is always beneficial for your skin. 


Final thoughts from us


If you're going on holiday soon, make sure to follow our holiday skincare tips. When your skin looks good on holiday, you feel great in yourself. For more information on the products mentioned in this blog, head over to our website. Happy holidays!