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Who are Skin Shop?


Skin Shop set out to make specialist naturally derived but effective skincare for problem skin. We recognise that skin, like people, is unique.

We began Skin Shop as we felt there weren’t enough options available in non-chemical skincare solutions for specific skin conditions.

We started with just one product for dry, itchy skin and grew from there. The effectiveness of our products told their own story. Both the press and our customers spread the word so as a company we grew organically.

Despite expansion, we still source and produce all our products in the UK, although we now have many European and international customers. Our typical customer is someone with problematic skin who hadn’t found a satisfactory long-term solution for their skin via the usual treatment routes.

Our core principles

Skin Shop maintain four core principles in all products;

We prioritise good quality natural ingredients over cheaper mass-produced synthetic alternatives. We’ll often order our ingredients from smaller producers to get the authenticity and quality that we feel make our products just that little bit special.

Even if this means our production process takes a little longer and costs are a little higher.

We create products that actually work for people. The ingredients are backed by science and are effective.

Naturally Derived
We’re proud to say that our products are chemical free, fragrance-free, SLS-free, MI-free, paraben-free and petroleum-free and the majority are vegan.

All our products are free from animal-cruelty.