All About Skin Shop

Our Mission

Our ambition, since we started ten years ago, is to make the most effective natural skin care products for sensitive and complicated skin without the use of chemcials or steroids. That still remains our aim today. 

We’ve always recognised that skin, like people, is unique. We understand that problem skin is not as simple as dry skin or greasy skin… it’s unique skin.


About Skin Shop

The home of Skin ShopWe started as a small family business based on the Isle of Wight. We still source and produce all our products in the UK.

We began Skin Shop because one of our family members had eczema and we wanted to make something that helped without using steroids. The result of months of vigorous research and several production hurdles, was Cardiospermum Gel. Our first production run was for just 50 Cardiospermum Gels and we tested it mostly on friends and family!

A few health journalists also tried our product for themselves and were convinced enough by the results to write about it. Then, without any formal planning, something magical started happening. By word of mouth we started growing. With every month came more journalists contacting us and more people reading about us. The effectiveness of our products told their own story, there was no need for adverts or elaborate marketing schemes.

We have continued to grow year on year and blossomed into a busy UK company supplying thousands of loyal customers who swear by our products for keeping their skin healthy.

Our promise to you

We've always chosen good quality natural ingredients over cheaper alternatives. Our ethos is to invest in effectiveness and safety above all other considerations.

All our products are chemical-free, fragrance-free, cruelty-free and as natural as possible without compromising sensitive skin safety.

We cross check all our ingredients for safety and consistency so that our customers can feel confident that we are looking after their skin as well as we would a member of our own family's.