Mum of two Beth , 27, is a children's worker from Cornwall

Beth says: 

“My rosacea has been the reason I have missed out on so many photo memories with my kids and family.

Rosacea is generally a skin condition experienced by people in their forties but I got it really young. It was triggered by my first pregnancy in 2018 and then it got really bad after my second pregnancy over lockdown. The state of my skin contributed to the  post-natal depression after having my daughter, and I ended up on anti-depressants.

I totally panicked when I got the first rosacea flare up, I thought it was an allergy or something. It was not only red and furious but it was also itchy and painful too. But during lockdown when my skin got really bad,  it was virtually impossible to see a doctor so I just put up with it.

After lockdown I managed to come off antidepressants, but I was terrified of starting to go out and meet people again with my skin looking the way it did. My self-esteem hit rock bottom after lockdown.

Even when returning to work some of the children made comments asking if I have chicken pox! They're only little so don't understand but it was still upsetting to understand how bad my skin looked.

Due to it being so hard to see a doctor even after lockdown ended, I felt I had to find a solution that didn't require a prescription.

I tried loads of different products both from the doctor and from the chemist. Most things either didn’t really work or more often made my rosacea worse. 

On further research I started reading accounts from real people with rosacea rather than just buying what the doctor or other people suggested. You can tell when someone really has rosacea just by what they say, as it sounds so familiar and many of the things they say, I know I have experienced myself.

It was when reading one of these accounts from a mum who’s rosacea triggers was also pregnancy and who had tried various prescription rosacea cream from the doctor with no success but had finally found a solution from her own research which was Kalme skincare for rosacea 

She said Kalme was the best rosacea cream she had found and the only one that had worked to properly control her rosacea without any nasty side effects or stinging.

I did some more research on the Kalme rosacea creams and found loads more independent reviews and accounts from other rosacea sufferers, so I was convinced enough to give them one chance to see if they worked for me too.

I was so glad I did. Within the first week of using the products, my face didn't feel as sore or burning and my skin started to appear less bumpy and calmer. 

In the six months since I have been using the  products I would say that my rosacea has improved dramatically. It’s not totally gone and probably never will be but its now much less visible and less painful and itchy. I feel I’ve finally got control back over my crazy skin."