Mum of two Brittany, 26, is from Norwich, Norfolk 

“The first time I got eczema I was around eleven years old and I've been seeing doctors ever since," says Brittany. "I haven't worn a skirt in years due to how bad my legs looked.

I’ve been prescribed different steroids several times over the years and they worked at first and then they stopped working and then the eczema came back worse than before. They also began to harm my skin and discolour it so I decided to stop using them after sewveral years.

My eczema triggers flared really badly after both my pregnancies, within weeks of giving birth my skin flared up in red vicious rashes all over my legs.

I’ve lost faith in medicated products from the doctor as they dont really work.

So when I came across a new salve from UK eczema skincare brand Hydrosil for eczema that contained a plant steroid that mimics the effect of steroids but is safe to use all the time plus donkey milk which is the most hypoallergenic milk which has been used historically for babies with allergies it grabbed my attention.

Hydrosil Turmeric Butter & Milk Salve also contains a special turmeric infused butter that allows the turmeric to pass through the skin barrier more easily.

I’ve read a lot that turmeric helps with the inflammation of eczema but it’s known to be hard to apply to the skin. 

This salve seemed to have found a solution by whipping the turmeric into a butter which allows a very high concentration of turmeric to sink into the skin.

I read several reviews of the salve and a lot of people seemed to be in a similar position as me in that they had tried the steroid route  for years and it hadn’t really worked out for them. There were a lot of mums with hand eczema who had said it was a life-saver. 

I was convinced enough to try it. It was reasonably priced too which makes a big difference for me as money is not easy with two young kids.

It’s one of the first products I’ve tried that didn;t make my skin sting and I saw big improvements in my skin within two weeks. After a month my legs looked better than they had in years.

It’s just three natural ingredients which are all proven to be excellent for eczema. Its works pretty much as well as steroids to be honest.

It's by far the most effective natural eczema treatment I've tried."