Oregon Total Care Pack

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Complete skin & hair care pack for skin and scalps prone to psoriasis
1. Does the Oregon Shampoo smell awful?

Many scalp shampoos smell because they use coal tar to help the scalp. We use juniper oil. It doesn't smell great, but it smells much better than the coal tar shampoos. Honestly!

The shampoo was designed to leave your hair with same feeling as a salon standard shampoo. It actually leaves the hair feeling great and your hair should be left with a neutral smell. Also if used with the conditioner the hair is left smelling very good and the two products are good to use together.

We try and balance ease and enjoyment of use with effectiveness. I feel we have got it just right with this shampoo.

2. Do Oregon hair products effect hair dye?

There's nothing in Oregon hair care products that should effect hair dye.

However if you have psoriasis on your scalp, or a very sensitive scalp, hair dye (especially bleach) is widely considered to be a skin irritant and could be making your symptoms worse. 

It might be worth considering avoiding hair dyes until your scalp improves or switching to natural dyes.

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The TOTAL Oregon Skin & Hair care Pack

The TOTAL Oregon Skin & Hair care Pack includes,Maintenance cream 150ml, Intensive Serum 50ml, Ultra Mild Shampoo 250ml, Ultra Mild Conditioner 250ml.


Oregon Total Care Pack

Cream and Serum

For the body and face the pack includes a maintenance formulation for alleviating larger areas of scaly skin and psoriasis plus an intensive rescue serum for particularly troublesome and smaller areas of scaly red and harder-to-heal skin. The daily hand and body wash is designed to replace other soaps and washes and helps clean, cleanse and soothe skin.

The skincare products also contain antioxidants to help repair damaged and broken skin and caffeine to help reduce inflammation.




Oregon Total Care Pack

Shampoo and Conditioner

The Shampoo and Conditioner have been developed by one of the UK’s leading hair scientists and trialled at Bath University.

All products contain Oregon Grape Root actives, that studies how can help to reduce plaque build-up as well as cleansing and skin-softening ingredients to reduce irritation and soften rough scaly skin and reduce plaque build-up.

The hair care products also contain cleansing ingredients including honey and wheat amino acids and glycerine which work together to soften and cleanse dry, itchy and scaly scalps.


Oregon Total Care Pack

Regular use recommended

Oregon products are most effective when used daily as part of a regular maintenance and preventative skin care routine for skin prone psoriasis and can be used as often as necessary anywhere on the body or face.

Free from

Oregon products use only natural ingredients and have a mild natural and herbal-smelling odour and do not contain coal tar.

Suitable for use on all areas of the body, face and scalp and can be used daily to improve skin’s appearance and as part of a preventative skin and scalp care regime.

Oregon products contain no animal products (except honey) or chemicals including Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, MI, Parabens, or perfumes.

Oregon Total Care Pack