Juniper extract has been found in a a new study to contain triterpenes and flavonoids that displayed significant results in speeding up wound healing as well as having a strong anti-inflammatory action on scalp skin.

The study published in the Journal of King Saud University found that juniper extract accelerated wound healing and increased hair growth due ot the high percentage of  tannins, alkaloid, saponin,  terpenes and phenolic present in the extract.

Oregon Anti-Plaque Shampoo, which contains extracts of Juniper (juniperus excelsa) and Oregon Grape Root (OGR), has been developed by one of UK’s leading trichologists and trialed at Bath University for use on scalp psoriasis. 

Oregon Grape Root (OGR) has been extensively examined in published studies as an effective treatment for inflammatory skin conditions including psoriasis.

Oregon Anti-Plaque Shampoo incorporates these two extracts to help clear the scalp of plaque build-up without causing irritation, speed up the healing of psoriatic lesions and reduce inflammation and itching to bring fast and effective relief to scalps effected by psoriasis.

According to London trichologist Tony Maleedy, ‘95% of users on the trial found that the Oregon Anti-Plaque Shampoo improved itching, dryness and redness and reduced plaques in scalps affected by psoriasis.’

Oregon Anti-Plaque Shampoo is low-odor and  FREE from coal-tar, parabens, SLS and fragrance and is suitable for use on scalp psoriasis.