Thought tequila was just a tipple? A patented extract from Mexican Agave, the plant uniquely used to make tequila, has been shown to help reduce rosacea in more ways than one and is the main ingredient in new Kalme TeQ Serum.

There is not such thing a rosacea cure, but Kalme TeQ Serum is a smart facial serum that contains two extracts of Mexican agave that can help combat the symptoms of rosacea. 

PreBIULIN AGA agave extract is a patented prebiotic that is repellent to a particular skin bacteria associated with triggering rosacea flare ups, called bacillus oleronius. 

Skin prone to rosacea has a volatile reaction to an increase of bacillus oleronius bacteria that results in the classic cyclical symptoms of redness, inflammation and hyper-sensitivity.

Although skin prone to rosacea can also be greasy in places, typically patches of very dry and flaky skin are also characteristic of the condition. The dryness associated with rosacea is most apparent when the condition is receding, so as the skin starts to heal, it becomes extremely dry and tight.

Kalme TeQ Serum can be used as a general daily aide for relieving skin dryness and tightness but is particularly beneficial for the healing phase in the rosacea cycle and can be used liberally during this uncomfortable phase to relieve dryness, tightness and flaking.

Repairs Microbiome

Aside from reducing bacillus oleronius, PreBIULIN AGA also helps replenish the skin’s microbiome, which is typically damaged from repeated rosacea flares and leads to dryness and tightness of the skin, a common symptom of rosacea.

Agave extract is a natural prebiotic and helps reduce a particular skin bacteria associated with rosacea triggers, called bacillus oleronius. 

There are hundreds of different bacteria on the skin but people with rosacea have been shown to have a much higher concentration of bacillus oleronius bacteria, which is specifically carried by demodex (skin) mites. This discovery has led dermatologists to assume a suspected link between the mite carrying bacteria and rosacea.

Skin prone to rosacea has a distinctive and fairly volatile reaction to an increase of bacillus oleronius bacteria that results in the classic cyclical symptoms of redness, inflammation and hyper-sensitivity. So reducing levels of bacillus oleronius bacteria reduces rosacea flare ups.

The problem is then made worse by the skin producing more sebum to try and counteract the dryness. The mites carrying the bacillus oleronius bacteria feed off sebum and so this brings more fuel to the fire.

Age is also a heightened risk factor for an increase in bacillus oleronius bacteria because as the skin ages it gets drier. In young children there are very low levels of the skin bacteria carried by mites. As the skin ages its more prone to damage and so becomes increasingly populated by mites and the skin bacteria they bring with them, hence why rosacea problems are more common in older people.

Potent Prebiotic 

The agave extract’s potent prebiotic action aids in replenishing the skin’s microbiome, that when depleted lets more bacteria in. The more bacillus oleronius bacteria that gets in through the compromised microbiome the more inflammation occurs and the more moisture that is lost, hence why rosacea flare ups are often accompanied or followed by uncomfortable levels of dryness and tightness.

The prebiotic action of TeQ Serum also helps repair skin damaged from repeated rosacea cycles of inflammation and aides in replenishing skin barrier function to help lock in moisture and keep skin more robust against future rosacea flares.

PreBIULIN AGA is also proven to be more moisturising than Hyaluronic Acid, and so prevents the extreme dryness associated with rosacea.

Anti Inflammatory

Kalme TeQ Serum contains a second extract of pure Blue Agave, whose science name is Agave Tequilana (TeQ) that has prebiotic properties to help reinforce the action of PreBIULIN AGA as well as offering additional hydration and an anti-inflammatory action.

Kalme TeQ Serum also contains 100% pure plant-based squalene, a saturated oil from olives that is found naturally in the skin and is the most conducive to human skin of all the oils while being non-comedogenic, making it ideal for very sensitive and rosacea prone skin.

Dr Eva Melegh M.D consultant dermatologist says;

‘If the skin becomes very dry and tight, as is often the case with rosacea, the skin loses flexibility and the microbiome gets weak, bacillus oleronius gets in and starts growing leading to flare ups and inflammation.

PreBIULIN AGA contains a polyfructose, a longchained polysaccharide, extracted from the agave plant. This prebiotic sugar strengthens the skin barrier, makes the skin more resistant to pollution and UV, both of which can trigger rosacea flares. It`s hydrating effect is faster and better than hyaluronic acid while also reinforcing the microbiome.

The generic plant extract taken from Blue Agave (also known as Agave Tequilana) also present in Kalme TeQ Serum contains the saponin inulin. Inulin is a prebiotic which aides in replenishing the good bacteria the microbiome needs to grow. Blue Agave extract also has anti-inflammatory properties to help address the inflammation commonly associated with rosacea.’

Kalme TeQ Serum costs £16.50 (30ml)