Cleopatra bathed daily in donkey milk to stave of dryness and keep her skin smooth. It was commonly used in Egypt to treat babies and children with eczema.

In ancient Egyptian and Indian cultures, the spice turmeric was also widely used as a poultice to reduce inflammation from skin allergies.

A new salvation for dry and eczema-prone skin has drawn inspiration from these two ancient Egyptian remedies and formulated them into one skin-saving super salve.

Hydrosil Turmeric Butter & Hypoallergenic Milk Salve brings instant relief to patches of very dry and irritated skin.

Donkey milk is known as a ‘hypoallergenic milk’ and has the lowest risk of irritation due to it being the closest to human breast milk in its composition of all the milks.

Donkey milk is high in amino acids and antimicrobial proteins, making it beneficial for dry and eczema prone skin. It also contains more lactoferrin and lysozyme than cow’s milk so can help calm skin irritation. The vitamin C content in donkey milk is almost four times more that of cow’s milk.

During the Renaissance period the first scientific studies on the skin benefits of donkey milk proved its positive effects on skin allergies and Napoleon’s sister used donkey milk for her sensitive skin.

The donkey milk in Hydrosil Salve is sourced from Greece where they breed donkeys and allow them to live freely as the quality of the donkey milk for medical purposes is only high enough if the donkeys live a relaxed and happy life.

Female donkeys only produce small amounts of milk and so the milk is precious and can only be milked by hand and not machines so the donkeys are only bought in for hand-milking.

The donkey population in Greece has been in declined from over 500,000 in 1955 to around 14,000 in 2008. The sad aspect of donkey’s lives was that animals that serve no economic purpose or historically were used as pack animals or working animals, were treated unforgivably harshly. This was partly due to the impoverished nature of the owners and a general disregard for animal welfare.

But a few farms started to use the milk for therapeutic purposes. This business has now grown meaning that the donkey population has started to increase again as the multiple health benefits of this precious donkey milk are re-emerging as a highly beneficial ingredient in modern therapeutic skincare. As a result academic studies of donkeys in Greece show that today these are quite probably the best cared for donkeys in Europe with proper veterinary care and nutrition.

Biochemica® Turmeric Butter is a patented 100% organic skin butter containing high potency turmeric actives.

Turmeric is notoriously difficult to use topically as it doesn’t easily absorb into the skin. In this patented ingredient, it’s been blended in a ‘butter base’ made from bisabolol, a natural viscous essential oil taken from German chamomile (Matricaria recutita. Bisabolol has been shown to enhance the skin’s absorption of turmeric. It’s also known to have anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties.

Biochemica® Turmeric Butter has been proven to deliver fast-acting moisturisation to very dry skin.

In a panel test to evaluate skin surface hydration levels, Biochemica® Turmeric butter was measured against cocoa butter. The study found that Biochemica® Turmeric butter was significantly better at two hours against cocoa butter for its hydrating effects. It was also tested for Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) against an industry standard petroleum-based ointment. Biochemica® Turmeric butter mimicked the petroleum product’s moisture-retaining effectiveness but in less time.

The new skin salve also contains a high potency of cardiospermum vine extract, which has been shown in a UK trial to be as effective as steroids for calming down eczema and soothing dry itchy skin.

Cardiospermum is a South Asian vine extract known for its potent anti-inflammatory actions on skin prone to eczema.

Hydrosil Turmeric Butter & Hypoallergic Milk Salve is a cruelty-free, vegetarian and FREE from chemicals, SLS, MI, petroleum and perfumes and can be used on adults and children.