Do you suffer from frequent vaginal dryness, itchiness and discomfort? Do you often experience painful sex?It could be that you’re losing the bacterial battle and you need to re-balance your vaginal bacteria.

The battle between good bacteria vs bad bacteria is constantly being fought in the vagina.

To keep the vagina healthy, it’s crucial to be always winning the battle against bad bacteria taking over the vagina. This means helping the vagina to produce as much good bacteria as possible.

The vagina produces natural secretions to regulate and cleanse itself in order to maintain the correct and optimal level of good bacteria acidity to keep the vagina healthy.

But this balance can be easily disrupted which can result in the growth of bad bacteria.

The vagina has a natural protective layer which is acidic in nature, to help prevent protect against infection. This layer is maintained when good bacteria called lactobacilli breaks down glycogen contained in the secreted vaginal mucus.

Many lifestyle habits, intimate cleaning methods, sex and medications can kill off the levels of good bacteria in vagina, allowing an onslaught of bad bacteria that can lead to irritation and inflammation.

Many women’s daily habits can disturb the vagina’s production of good bacteria.

These include;



Feminine hygiene sprays


Perfumed or chemical washes or soaps used on the vaginal area


Regular use of sanitary towels & tampons

Non-breathable and synthetic clothes and underwear


Harsh fabric softener used for underwear


Antibiotic treatments





Birth control medications

What goes wrong when the balance is out?


Causes of vaginal infections and intimate skin discomfort can vary greatly but generally the trigger is when the balance of good bacteria and acidity is upset.

In2mate products contain prebiotics to increase levels of good bacteria in vaginal skin and have the correct pH balance for intimate skin. They are also one of the first ranges of intimate products to contain antioxidants specifically for the vaginal area to help rejuvenate and improve flexibility and moisture retention in vaginal skin which in turn reduces dryness and micro tears which can make the skin vulnerable to bacterial infections. In2mate products are made from 99.7% naturally derived ingredients and are free from all perfumes.