Jackie Duffy, 58, from Surrey is a rosacea sufferer who finds any form of heat makes her skin flare up, but she found a solution with Kalme products for her rosacea.

Jackie  says:

"Any form of heat, be it direct sun or just warmth through a window or in a car of even if it’s just a hot day turns my face in a burning furious rash.

I have suffered from rosacea for years now., I never had bad skin or spots when I was younger but as soon as I entered my 50’s my skin started becoming red and spotty and very dry and its been getting worse and worse over the years. I get this excruciating burning lumpy rash across my nose and cheeks. It used to come and go and was only bad sometimes, but in the last few years I’ve had it more and more often and it’s there more than it not there. It’s really ugly and is also painful and itchy.

I have tried so many different products but nothing really has helped. Most creams supposedly for sensitive or red skin make my skin worse and make it even redder. I’ve tried creams from the doctor too but they sting.  It can often be really painful when I put the wrong product on my skin as it’s incredibly sensitive. Even make up can trigger the rash sometimes.”

[quote]Rosacea, which affects 1 in 10 people in theUK, is most common in women aged 30-50 and is more prevalent in Northern European populations. The condition usually begins in late 20’s and early 30’s with easy blushing and very sensitive skin , but tends to become more permanently visible beyond the age of 30. The actresses Kate Winslet and Lisa Faulkner are rosacea sufferers.[/quote]

Typical triggers for rosacea include sun, wind, stress, embarrassment, anxiety, nerves, alcohol (as little as one glass in some cases), spicy food and many beauty products and cosmetics.

“My way of dealing with it has been a case of just letting it take its course and avoiding all heat, which seems to make the problem worse. When the rash comes I stay away from any heat, sleep with heating turned down, stay out of direct sun and avoid make up as much as possible.

But it does interfere with my life. It makes any social events or outings or going on holiday a real pain as I never know when my face is going to erupt.

I moan about my skin a lot to my friends and so when a friend recommended trying Kalme products as she has read about them in a newspaper, I looked them up on the internet out of curiosity. I was not that excited as I had tried several different creams that claimed to help ease rosacea. But the products looked convincing and they were natural so I decided to give them a go as I try to try everything once just in case they work. “

KALME products are a skincare range containing caper extract that can reduce redness by up to 70% and has been developed for treating the skin condition acne rosacea. The KALME range offers a 4 in 1 action to help combat the four symptoms of acne rosacea - redness, acne, dryness and sensitivity.

The KALME range does not contain steroids or chemicals, but is made from naturally active ingredients that have been clinically tested for highly sensitive skins and skins prone to redness.

“I began applying the KALME cream during the day and the night cream at night and used the cream cleanser instead of water to wash my face as instructed. I also used the tinted moisturiser over the day cream which was wonderful as it meant I could mask my redness without fear of having my skin react to the foundation.

I began this routine when my skin was having an OK period as I am very cautious about applying anything new when my rosace is livid. I felt the KALME cream instantly calming down my skin and it didn’t sting at all. That was at the start of this winter. I normally have a nightmare with all the central heating but this year my skin has been much calmer.

[quote]I’d say my skin is about 70-80% improved.  The difference has been quite dramatic. I do get the odd flare up now and then but it’s more like it was when I first got rosacea, it’s rare and the redness isn’t as livid. Also the lumpiness and dryness has gone. [/quote]

Now when I have a flare up I just look like I am a bit flushed for a few hours, instead of this livid red lumpy rash that stays for days, sometimes longer. I'm absolutely delighted that my skin is looking calmer and less furious and I feel a lot more relaxed and confident about my skin when we go out to social events or on holiday, which is frankly a relief as I hated being a fusser about my skin all the time.”

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