The black grapes used traditionally to make Muscat wine have been found in new research to help reduce the redness and spots associated with acne rosacea.

A topical cream for the face made with a 2% extract of Muscat grapes was found not only to decrease redness of the skin due to the strong antioxidant effects of the grape extract, but to also reduce sebum content of the skin, which can help treat spots, another common symptom of rosacea.

According to the research, published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science*, Muscat grapes contain the highest amounts of polyphenols than any other grapes as well as exceptionally high antioxidant content.

Apart from the anti-redness action of the Muscat grape extract cream and its ability to reduce sebum production, the cream also showed no sign of causing skin sensitivity, which is a crucial factor when looking at new treatments for acne rosacea.

  • International Journal of Cosmetic Science 37: 253-258