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How to use the Kalme Range.


Here are some tips and advice on when and how to use the Kalme products and how to get the most out of them

Our suggested regimen for Kalme products;

AM: Cleanse with the Kalme Cleanser do not rinse off with water.( If using) first apply either Undercoat or TeQ Serum then the Day Defence SPF25 to whole face, or just Day Defence on its own. If using then apply Kalme Chameleon Concealer to whole face rubbing in gently until the required tone match is achieved. Additional cosmetics can then be applied if required.

PM: Cleanse with the Kalme Cleanser do not rinse off with water. ( If using) first apply Undercoat or TeQ Serum then apply Night Repair Cream, or just the Night Repair Cream on its own.

Product combination suggestions for skin type;

1. If skin is still very dry and tight after using the basic Kalme products then add TeQ Serum to your daily regimen.
2. If skin remains very sensitive while using the Kalme basic product then add Kalme Undercoat to your daily regimen
3. If worried that skin is not feeling clean enough after cleansing with just Kalme Cleanser then swipe skin with Clarol Toner after cleansing;