Bug Balm

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Natural relief for all summer bug bites at home and away.

Bug Balm helps soothe and reduce all swelling and irritation from pesky bug bites.

Bug Balm is a 100% natural skin balm that contains a highly concentrated extract of liquorice root.

Liquorice Root extract (glycyrrhizic acid) has been widely researched as a highly effective natural anti-inflammatory.

Itching from bug bites is an allergic inflammatory response to the secretions and stings of bugs. When applied to bug bites or rashes, Bug Balm helps immediately calm down and reduce inflammation, swelling and itching from the bite.

Bug Balm is most effective when applied at the first sign of swelling or itching from any bug bite.

Suitable for use on adults and children and can be used as often as is necessary until the swelling and itching from the bug bite subsides.

Bug Balm comes in a handy travel-friendly