Clarol - a new way of treating acne

Treating acne successfully is becoming a more complex task. 

Due to the over-use of anti-bacterial agents for treating acne, many acne sufferers have developed resistance against or over sensitivity to anti-acne treatments, meaning over time they become less and less effective and more and more problematic to use. 

Clarol skincare is a revolutionary new skincare range for acne. Clarol products contain naturally active ingredients that work in conjunction with the body’s natural resistance to acne to help fight acne and break outs while keeping skin healthy and strong.

Unlike conventional anti acne treatments, Clarol products strengthen, enhance and protect the body’s natural resources for preventing and fighting acne without damaging surrounding skin, in fact all Clarol products are actively good for surrounding healthy skin.


How do Clarol products help skin fight acne?

Clarol products contain specifically targeted innovative ingredients that boost the skin’s natural defences to prevent acne break outs.

Skin Probiotics 

Skin Probiotics are natural ‘sugars’ that when applied to the skin nourish and strengthen good skin flora. 

Good and bad types of skin floraClarol skincare contains the skin probiotic Biolin ®.

Biolin ® is a patented skin prebiotic that feeds good skin flora.

Over treated skin is often chronically low on levels of good skin flora. When good skin flora is at low levels the skin becomes weaker, drier and less resistant to the growth of the acne bacteria. 

By boosting levels of good skin flora, the skin becomes stronger, smoother and much more resilient to the acne bacteria.


Skin protectors  

Protecting areas of skin prone to acne break outs is key to stopping break outs spreading and intensifying.

Clarol skincare contains a patented protective ingredient call Teflose®. This natural ingredient offers a protective ‘teflon’ like coating, almost like a liquid plaster, that seals off blemishes and vulnerable areas of acne prone skin from further infection from acne bacteria. 

Smart anti-microbials

Anti-bacterial agents in anti-acne product do kill the acne bacteria. The problem is they kill all the good skin bacteria too, leaving skin feeling stripped, dry and weakened against the next acne outbreak. 

MicroSilver ™ in Clarol skincare is one of a new breed of smart naturally derived anti-bacterial agents that kill acne bacteria while leaving the good skin bacteria intact, meaning that the acne is attacked but healthy surrounding skin isn’t. 

MicroSilver ™ stays active on the skin for up to eight hours meaning that if applied regularly skin is continuously protected from the build-up of acne bacteria, while good skin flora is allowed to grow and multiply. 


Sebum Preservers

One of the most discomforting and unsightly problems with acne is not the formation of the acne lesion itself, it’s when the sebum in the acne lesion becomes infected. 

Puss, pressure and inflammation are caused by infected sebum. People who are prone to acne produce a lot of sebum and so it gets easily infected with dirt and blockages. 

Clarol skincare contains a patented natural sebum preserver called Pixalia™. 

Pixalia ™ both purifies and reduces sebum production. Through this process of purification, Pixalia ™ helps prevent blockages and inflammation caused by build-up of dirt and bacteria in sebum. Pixalia™ also increases the skin’s natural glycerides which aids the skin’s natural resilience to sebum infection. 


Detoxifiers & Exfoliators 


Detoxification and Exfoliation are two key factors for tackling acne.

Clarol skincare uses Birch Bark, one of nature’s most effective skin detoxifiers. 

Birch Bark is an ancient treatment used in Russia for acne because it contains several natural acne-fighting properties. 

It contains natural equivalents of both salicylic acid and methyl salicylate, two synthetic chemicals commonly used in anti-acne products. Birch Bark detoxifies and purifies the skin but does not dry or damage it like many chemical treatments do. 

Studies have found that a natural substance in Birch Bark called betulin helps reduce inflammation in acne-prone skin. 

Birch Bark also contains natural agents Lupeol and Erythrodiol which studies prove can help increase the production of proteins in skin cells that speed up the healing process. 

Exfoliation helps remove dead and infected skin cells on the skin’s surface that can trigger acne and helps skin re-generate new and healthy skin cells. 

Along with detoxification of the skin, skin exfoliation helps remove dead and infected skin cells on the skin’s surface that can trigger acne and helps skin re-generate new and healthy skin cells. 

Clarol skincare uses Pumice Stone and Rice Bran to naturally and effectively exfoliate and remove dirt and dead skin cells without damaging delicate and vulnerable skin. 


Skin smoothers 

Bumpy, rough and dry skin along with open pores are often symptoms that often accompany acne. 

Clarol skincare includes Tea tree and Grape Seed Oils combined with extracts of Bladderwrack and White Nettle help to help calm down bumpy skin, while Coffee Seed extract helps smooth down open pores.


Treatment Concealers 

Although skin may be treated and in the process of healing, that treating and healing process is highly visible. 

The Clarol skincare range has been developed to treat and improve every aspect of acne and one key necessity for acne prone skin is concealment. 

Concealing blemishes and lesions is a cosmetic necessity for most skin prone to acne. However it’s crucial that any concealing product used on skin prone to acne doesn’t aggravate or worsen the acne in the process. 

Clarol skincare contains concealers in four shades that do not aggravate or compromise skin that is prone to acne, in fact they actively help it. With Clarol concealers, concealing acne doesn’t mean having to compromise skin or prolonging breakouts.  


FREE from

All Clarol products are FREE from parabens, MI, SLS and perfumes meaning that they can be used on very sensitive and will not aggravate skin prone to acne and break outs.