The point system could not be simpler.

Every point = 1 pence off your final checkout bill.

For everything you buy on Skin Shop we will give you 10% back in Points.

So for every pound you spend we give you 10 points back.

So, if you buy a Skin Shop Full Kalme Range Skin Shop for £50, you earn 500 points (£5 worth of points).

Next to each product you will see how many points you will gain.(see below)

Reward points next to a product

You can see how many points you have at the top of the homepage (need to be logged in) (see below)

Points at the top of the home page

Your points are shown at checkout and you can choose how many you want to use (see below)

rewards at checkout


Spend more, earn more!

We have a loyalty system where you gain more points from every order, after your lifetime spend with Skin Shop is beyond the following levels.*

Spend over £250 and earn an extra 5 points per £1 spent (15  in total)

Spend over £500 and earn an extra 7 points per £1 spent (17 in total)

Spend over £1000 and earn an extra 10 points per £1 spent (20 in total)

NOTE: Your additional points will be shown in the shopping cart page NOT in the product listing page.

From time to time, we'll email you special offers where you can earn even more points.

To earn points, all you have to do is either sign up for an account online or simply start shopping at Skin Shop.

Points are tracked by email address. We'll email you point’s updates and special offers. You can opt out of these emails at any time without losing any points.

Your points expire two years after they are earned, so be sure to spend all your points within the expiry period. After the two years are up, the expiring points will automatically be removed from your account.

Once the points are gone, they are gone. Sorry!

Enjoy great skin,

Skin Shop

NOTE: points are automatically added to your account after your order is shipped, you do NOT need to use a voucher to redeem points.


 *All orders since October 2008.