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The Kalme range has had several trials carried out on it

Kalme range basic with SPF30 and Undercoat cream

The most significant aggravating factor for red skin and rosacea is sun exposure. The importance of sun blocking is highlighted by Murphy from the Department of Dermatology, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, Ireland who concludes after research carried out in 2004 ¹ that

“The general consensus among clinicians is that rosacea is a photo aggravated disorder. Pathophysiologic processes induced by UV radiation, which are processes similar to those seen in photoageing, contribute to the signs and symptoms of rosacea… In addition to topical and oral therapy for rosacea, clinicians should recommend that patients use sunscreens or sunblocks (inorganic chemicals such as zinc oxide).”

Sun Factor Protection (SPF) Rating tests.

The research was carried out on people with normal skin. KALME was found to have an SPF in excess SPF of 30 on all testers making it a certified SPF30. 

¹ Ultraviolet light and rosacea. Cutis. 2004 Sep;74(3 Suppl):13-6, 32-4.

Suitable for sensitive skins

Red skin and rosacea is linked to skin sensitivity. KALME has been subjected Dermatological trials to ensure suitability for very sensitive skins and children. 

The research was carried out by a fully accredited and regulatory recognised laboratory using qualified dermatologists.

Fifty people were selected for the trial, 20 had normal skin, 11 had eczema, 4 suffered with allergies and 15 had sensitive skin. Each product in the KALME range was then individually applied and left on the skin to study for any signs of irritation. Each formulation caused no irritation, even to very sensitive skin.