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  • How do I change my password for my on-line account?

    This is quite simple to do. Please just follow the instructions below. If you have lost your password please contact us and we will send you out a new one. However, you should then change it to one you can remember.

    • Log into your account by clicking on “sign in”
    • Enter your email and password.
    • Once you have logged in click on “view account”
    • Once in here click on “site preferences and contact details”
    • Once in here delete your password and enter a new one. Each letter will come up as little * so be careful that you type in exactly the password you want.
    • Finally click on update at the bottom of the page once you have made the changes.
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  • I'm trying to repeat an order. Whenever I get to the point of inputting my email address into your checkout page I get into a loop of your software asking me to sign in as a user as that email address already exists!!! HELP. How can I do my repeat order?

    We already have you registered as a customer.

    So you will need to sign in. You can sign in at the top of the every webpage on the site. There is a link saying "sign in".

    If you can't remember your password then there is a link below which says "can't remember your password then click here for a reminder" click there and enter your email address and it will send you your password immediately to your email address.

    If you then sign in with your email address and password then ordering should become much easier. For example, your address will be pre-filled in the order form.

    If you click the box under sign in asking the computer to remember you on skin shop then everytime you come back to re-order or visit us you will automatically be signed in which will make it even easier. You will also be able to see previous orders you have placed and the progress of your orders.

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  • How secure is your website for visa and other credit and debit cards?
    I can assure you that our site is secure. In five years of internet trading and over 100,000 transactions we have not had a single incident involving a customer's details being stolen. If you look in the address bar at the top of internet explorer, when you are checking out, it should state that our connection is https, the extra "s" after the normal http means that the connection is secure.

    The first time you enter the checkout area your computer should tell you that we have a certificate. This is a check carried out to prove that we are secure. Furthermore, we have a double layer of encryption between our site and the bank to ensure that nobody else can access your details on the web. So please have every confidence.

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  • I can't get past the checkout screen to complete my order?
    I take it you have added products to the basket and then tried to checkout. When you get to checkout have you filled in all the relevant boxes. These are the ones with the little asterix next to them.

    If you haven't filled everything in a red box appears above the bits you haven't filled in. Fill all those bits in and press the update button once you think you've done it. Once all the bits have been filled in correctly a green button will appear at the top of the page, click on this and you will be taken to a final page which will ask you to check your details before pressing another green button to confirm your order.

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